Our Qualities

When we consider the many questions Concierges are asked, the problems they are presented with, and the knowledge they should have in many different areas, the list of QUALITIES a Concierge should have seems quite long.



A Clefs d'Or Concierge can be recognised by the pair of shining golden crossed keys on his uniform. These keys both symbolize and guarantee the best possible SERVICE.

Clefs d'Or concierges make it a point of honor to fulfill any request a client makes - as long as the request is legally, morally, and humanly possible!

Concierges are approached for services that range from the simplest question to the zaniest fantasy, and each request is treated with the same stubborn will to succeed and commitment to the challenge.

Concierges will accomplish their mission with zeal, whether the task involves travel advice, correspondence or messages, recommendations, reservations, organizing trips or many other professional tasks.

The services that can be achieved by a Les Clefs d'Or Concierge run an extraordinary gamut, and are only limited by the imagination of those who use them

They are the trusted local contact for an out-of-town guest who needs the most connected local to achieve their goals.