Our Qualities

When we consider the many questions Concierges are asked, the problems they are presented with, and the knowledge they should have in many different areas, the list of QUALITIES a Concierge should have seems quite long.

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What is Les Clefs d'Or

Les Clefs d’Or or the Golden Keys is an international association of hotel concierges with common interests and goals.

They have their own mystique; a combination of their expertise, their own source of inside information, their own intelligence and communication system.

The organization is non-political, non-religious and certainly not a trade union of any sort.

Based on “friendship” between members to assist international travelers and tourists.

Our motto: Service Trough Friendship


Aims of Les Clefs d’Or:

  •  To promote goodwill and friendship between all concierges
  • To promote the advancement of professional ability through membership
  • To provide help and guidance of members in order to improve and maintain the quality of service provided by concierge staff in their hotels
  • To help develop concierges into efficient leaders and administrators who are
    able to maximise productivity and inter-departmental co-operation
  • To promote the continuity of concierge service irrespective of the locality, name or banner under which the concierge works
  • To promote the worth of the concierge by providing the highest level of service.
  • To promote the importance of hotels employing experienced, knowledgable and well connected people to dispense information to guests

Every hotel markets and sells itself in competition to other hotels in such a way as to maximise its business viability.

Les Clefs d’Or bases itself on the assumption that with our inter-hotel, interstate and international co-operation, we are helping the tourist, business and hospitality industry as a whole.