Our Qualities

When we consider the many questions Concierges are asked, the problems they are presented with, and the knowledge they should have in many different areas, the list of QUALITIES a Concierge should have seems quite long.

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Welcome to Holland Museum Land.
There are 758 museums in our country in total. This is just a small selection of different museums worth a visit, please ask your concierge for a complete list of all museums or visit: www.hollandmuseums.nl

Anne Frank House ( Amsterdam )
At the Anne Frank House, in the center of Amsterdam, you can visit the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her diary during World War Two. This former hiding place is one of the most frequently visited museums in Amsterdam.
More info: www.annefrank.nl

Rijksmuseum ( Amsterdam )
The largest museum in The Netherlands, with works by famous masters as Rembrandt (The Nightwatch), Vermeer a.o.
More info: www.rijksmuseum.nl

Amstelkring Museum, ‘Our Lord in the Attic’ ( Amsterdam )
One of the most cherished museums in Amsterdam, with its 17th century period rooms and church in the attic.
More info: www.museumamstelkring.nl

Netherlands Maritime Museum ( Amsterdam )
Top maritime collection, 25 display rooms, theatre & events, Dutch East Indiaman Amsterdam.
More info: www.scheepvaartmuseum.nl

Van Gogh Museum ( Amsterdam )
The Van Gogh Museum is the museum with the world’s largest collection of works by Vincent van Gogh.
More info: www.vangoghmuseum.nl

Gassan Diamonds ( Amsterdam )
Every day in the historic and beautiful heart of Amsterdam, rough diamonds are transformed into dazzling jewels And you can experience the sensation of diamond cutting first-hand and view every stage of the process. Step into the exciting world of more than four centuries of craftsmanship and tradition. It is sure to be an unforgettable experience.
More info : www.gassandiamonds.nl

The Zuiderzeemuseum ( Enkhuizen )
The Zuiderzeemuseum allows you to take a stroll through time. Both indoors and out. You can explore exhibitions in the life of fishermen and skippers from the Zuiderzee region and the reclamation of large tracts of land by famous Dutch hydraulic engineers
More info: www.zuiderzeemuseum.nl

DAF Museum ( Eindhoven )
The complete history of the famous Dutch automobile and truck company.
More info : www.dafmuseum.nl

Van Abbemuseum ( Eindhoven )
In the early 1930s Henri van Abbe began to dream of building a center in Eindhoven where its people could be introduced to the mysteries of contemporary art – a place where they could enjoy art. Sixty years later, the Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum has now grown into one of the most prominent museums for modern art.
More info : www.vanabbemuseum.nl

Wings of Liberation ( Best )
The liberation of the South of the Netherlands during World War II is the central issue in the Wings of Liberation museum.In a number of halls different important events from the Second World War are visualized by means of dioramas.
More info : www.wingsofliberation.nl

Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles ( Delft )
Authentic Delft Blue comes from the world famous and oldest Royal earthenware factory dating back from the 17th century in Delft. All our products are still painted by hand according to old traditions.
More info : www.royaldelft.nl

Boijmans Van Beuningen ( Rotterdam )
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam is a multi-faceted museum. Its collection covers a wide range of art objects and covers the period from the Middle Ages to the present day. The museum has four kinds of collections – Old Masters – The Print Room – Decorative Art – Modern Art.
More info: www.boijmans.nl

The Batavia Yard ( Lelystad )
The Batavia Yard is foremost a center for traditional shipbuilding. Since 1985 over 200 young people have built an authentic reconstruction of the VOC-merchantman Batavia from 1628. This dynamic shipyard is open daily to the public. We provide guided tours, video-performances, a visitor’s center with a restaurant and many more.
More info : www.bataviawerf.nl

Madurodam ( Den Haag )
Among many other attractions, miniature city Madurodam boasts the canal houses of Amsterdam, the Alkmaar cheese market and parts of the Delta Works, all replicated in minute detail on a 1:25 scale. Watch windmills turn, ships sail and modern trains traverse the city on the world’s largest miniature railway.
More info: www.madurodam.nl